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spa heat pump feature


patented 100% titanium heat exchange with cpvc shell


Titanium double coil exchanger which is corrosion resisting makes the unit have a longer service life and ensure high heat exchanger efficiency. The thermostability CPVC shell provide guarantee for 43℃ hot water.


energy saving

The unit average energy efficiency of the year is much higher than the requirement of the French Standard NF414. Compared with the traditional way of heating SPA, this series of unit can save about 70% costs.




The compact design can save more space for you, and it’s easy to install, just connect the water pipe between the SPA pool and the unit. Also, that can be convenient to control and reduce the maintaince charge.





SPA heat pumps use advanced heat pump technology absorbing heat from the environment to heat SPA water. That’s why the SPA heat pumps are more energy saving than other traditional heaters.

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