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Heat Pump Water Heater features


Kitchen Cooling, Cosy and Efficiency The Hot Water Heat Pump not only can provide abundant hot water for your family in 24 hours, but also can give free comfortable cooling air to your kitchen which is much more energy efficiency.

Fashion and Compact AppearanceWith patented fashionable design, PHNIX water heater could highlight your room decoration and meet your aesthetic taste.

Refriger ant Green R134aFeaturing with its stability, non-poisonous property and superior performance, eco-friendly refrigerant R134a, which do not contain Freon, causes no harm to the ozone layer.

  • Intelligent Controller, ComforatThe newly designed lattice LCD, can realize blackout memory and precisely control the temperature ranging from 10℃ to 60℃. Matching with iPhone wireless controller, it could make your life easier.

One heat pump water heater

200L air-source water heater can save 1460kWh electricity consumption each year, equalling to 1314kg CO2 discharge.

Planting 94 trees a year

A 10 year-old tree can absorb 14kg CO2 each year, decreasing 1314kg CO2 equal to plant 94 trees a year .

Energy-efficiency,Low Carbon

With average COP 3.9 annually and 1/4 energy consumption of electrical heater, PHNIX Hot Water Heat Pump could help you save 1500kWh electricity consumption each year.








Heat Pump Water Heater Connection Sketch Map


1. Vertical Heat Pump
    Water Heater

2. Kitchen Cooling

3. Shower Water

4. Domestic Water

5. Washing water

6. Air Duct

7. 3-way diverte


Simple structure and easy installation, PHNIX water heater can meet your requirements about hot water all the year round. Additionally, it can provide free cooling air for your kitchen.






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