How to install the Commercial Series Heat Pump Product?

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Q:How to install the Commercial Series Product?

1.Notices before Heat Pump Installation:
a. Select applicable head and flow rate for circulation pump according to parameters
of heat pump and height difference between unit and tank;
b. Circulation pipe diameter should be larger than unit inlet/outlet diameter;
c. Filter and flow switch should be installed;
d. Circulation inlet must be lower than water supply outlet;
e. Water-proof and lightning-protection measures should be taken for electric appliances.
f. Unit should have both automatic and manual water-replenishing functions.


2. Electric Equipment installation notice
a. The main electric wire need to use the standard wire
b. Anti-creeping switch need to select the electricity which can cover all the equipment total electricity
c. The equipment with electricity need to contact with ground


3. How to install
a. site inspection. make sure all the equipment can setup on the bearing ground and design the position of the main unit and water tank and so on.
b. calculate the main wire before take the result of the load capacity of the electrical equipment.
c. water tank need to contact with the main unit.
d. Install the filter and the water flow switch
e. Select the quality-assurance circulating pump and pipe diameter
f. Install the equipment of the anti-freeze and contaminant release
g. Make sure keeping warm the water and anti water


4.How to install water replenishing?
a. Select the high-quality water replenishing electrical valve and make sure rain-proof.
b. Install the bypass in order to make sure the electrical keep regular working.
c. The replenishing pump must match with the water pressure


5.How to Install the backwater equipment?
a. Select the high quality water pump and electrical valve for antiscale
b. Install the bypass pipe near the backwater electrical valve and backwater pump in order to protect the equipment.
c. Install the temperature sensor and keep warm of the return water pipe.



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