How to defrost when the evaporator frosting thickly?

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Q: How to defrost when the evaporator frosting thickly?

1. Check whether the defrost probe is at fault
2. Check whether the defrost probe is well contacted with the evaporator, whether location is correct, (placed where frosting most)
3. Check whether there is failure of the defrost probe (temperature constant or higher) such as: when power on, the evaporator has the phenomenon of frosting, then press Query key to check what is temperature of coil, should be ≤ 0 degrees is correct, If it is higher than the ambient temperature it has problem with sensor.
4. Checking the settings parameters:
a. ambient temperature of defrosting: 12 degrees   b. temperature of defrosting:0 or -1
c. exit temperature of defrosting;between 8 ---- 15   d .cycle of defrost 45
e. defrosting time 8 ----- 10
5.Observing defrosting cycle one week to see if it can enter defrosting,
For example: first setting the defrosting temperature above the actual temperature of the coil , defrosting cycle set to the shortest 30, waiting for 30 minutes to see whether it will enter defrosting, when enter defrosting, whether the four-way valve are powered
Note: essential tools of maintenance:
a. pressure gauges ,  b. electronic scales,  c, vacuum pump  d, multi-thermometer



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