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Heat Pump Application:

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Main machine is hung externally on wall with water tanks being placed at balcony.which accomptishes safety and handsome appearance while saving energy.integrating with building,it solves the problem of building ap pearance and hard installation of solar water heater.

It covers a small area and heats rapidly with a combination of one main machine and two water tands.The method of using while heating overcomes the disadvantage of high electricity consumption of electric water heater and unsafoty of gas water heater.
Adoption of single-machine or multi-machine connection enables time water supply according to employee off-duty systom.it is flexible and more energy-saving by overcoming disadvantages that uso of solar water heater is influenced by cloudy and rainy days,hot water is absont in winters and water temperature is unstable.

Student Apartment
Adopting multi-machine connoction and automatic control,it has advanced automatic POS charge or time water supply systom with oach dormitory bultding being equipped with the same quantity of machines and water tanks.lt can regulate hoating water amount according to students'consumption in summers and wintors.Make loss hot water in summers when little hot water is used and make more hot water in winters when much hot water is used,avold the trouble of waste of large amounts of water resource causod by everyday water discharge for cooling ,as solar water heater mades large amounts of hot water during summer vacation when no student uses hot water .


Adoption of single-machine or multi-machine connection,full-automatic control and complete water supply and roturn systoms.and Germany WILO boostor pump and circulating pump ensures the stableness of hotel water supply systom.it can not only create a green onvironmont while saving onergy for hotels by providing water for room water consumption and sauna bath in a totally unpollutod way,but is more oconomical with adoption of valley olectricity according to pead & valley electricity policy.
Swimming Pool
Dopting multi-machine integrated control and titanium alloy,plate and shell & tube heat exchanger,it is anti-corrosive,safe and durable with higher efficiency.Automatic heating and constant temperature solve difficultles of high energy consumptionand complicatod operation of boiler used for large constant-timperature swimming pools and sauna bathing pools.It both saves high expensos and guarantees safety.

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